Void is Go.

I've decided to use the Void Famicaseby Eric Littlejohn.

The moment I saw the case, I thought of space. I tried to design something based off of their small description about it being a survival adventure about dreams but I just couldn't see it being very fun so i had to challenge myself to come up with my own interpretations of the title.

I designed six different prototypes for the game including a 3D low poly space shooter like Starfox, a labyrinthine action action game like Hero and Hero:Core and a space farm game with factions. "This is great" I thought to myself. Then I realised that I only had two weeks to prepare a finished build of the game which sent me into panic mode for a couple of hours as I tried desperately to create something I think I could accomplish in two weeks, especially during a move across the country to University.

My other title, Pherian, which is in early access was put on hold so that I could give myself time to rest after the solid 2000 hours of programming and writing so this seems like the perfect way to unwind after something so stressful and something that nearly didn't get out on deadline day.

This jam should be very fun and i hope to see the finished games that other people have made.

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